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If life’s black & white, I write about the grey. I value kindness, vulnerability, and intellect above all else. B.Sc. Psychology

Great opportunity for new writers who love books, games, movies, music, art (or all of the above!)

Image: Prettysleepy/Pixabay

Hi! I’m the editor of two publications, one I’m calling Concentration and the other Kind of Human. After much thought, I decided to keep the latter publication (which is made up of a combination of personal essays and scientific literature reviews) close to home and only publish my own stories in it. …

I’ve referred to myself in my 155-character speed biography as a “mother, wife, bookworm & gamer w/ ASD” who “values kindness above all else,” and “is just here to speak my truth through trembling fingers and never stop.” I add my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology more as a footnote, since I know it hardly counts as a title. But even when taken together, none of those things truly come close to representing the story of who I am… and who I am becoming.

Maybe you can relate to feeling like there’s so much left unsaid and unspoken within your own…

Am I open-minded, flaky, gullible… Or all of the above?

Image: Daria Sannikova/Pexels

I take pride in myself as someone who is able to see the “grey” in all things — defying the stereotype that Autistic people see the world in black and white terms. (That assumption may not even be true, by the way. I, and many others on the spectrum, are in fact capable of seeing the bigger picture.)

In some ways, I’ll admit, I do indeed seem prone to seeing some things in terms of black or white, good or bad — like this lady, who admits to having perfectionistic tendencies that lead her to see herself as either perfect

Rock candy, rhubarbs and black limes, oh my!

For the first time in my life, I’ve submitted a piece to an art competition. This particular contest is hosted by Food Network Magazine and inspired by the reality cooking show Choppeda show in which competitors are challenged to see who can come up with the most creative confection out of a “mystery basket” of ingredients. Our goal as artists, however, is to color the above picture however we like.

Our mystery basket contains/features black limes, rock candy, chopped frozen rhubarb, and a “musk stick marshmallow tart.” I’ll be honest, I had only heard of half of those…


Image: johnhain/Pixabay

I used to have weekly visits from an organization called Healthy Families. My social worker checked in with me and the baby once a week and helped out with all kinds of things, like ensuring that my six-month-old was developmentally on track and that I was doing alright emotionally. It was a completely free service and usually quite worth the hassle of having someone peer into my personal life.

I was invited to go to one of their monthly Social Connections group meetings, where I would have an opportunity to meet and lunch with other moms of children under the…

An August Ode to the Latter Half of Summer and the First Harvest

The 2 sides of Lammas: Summer harvest. Photo by author.

But not for the reason you might be thinking

Image: Averyanovphoto/Pixabay

I’ve been hesitant to put this story out there because I have a fear of being judged that is, at times, quite debilitating. But I don’t want to keep allowing this fear to hold me back from sharing some of the less “savory" parts of my truth.

Nonetheless, I’ll preface this by saying I understand there may be some who don’t agree with the kind of “lifestyle” I’m going to discuss here. And for many, the first impulse might be to judge me (and possibly my husband, too) for it. …

And what does it tell us about the way society judges our mistakes?

Does this picture make you uncomfortable? There’s an evolutionary reason for that. Image: Designecologist/Pexels

By now the infamous “Victoria’s Secret Karen Meltdown” video has had time to circulate. Here it is in case you haven’t seen it in full (a warning for people with sensitive hearing; you may want to turn your volume down):

Video embedded from YouTube

In this video filmed in New Jersey, we see a blonde-haired white woman (dubbed Karen by the online community as well as the person recording the video) raise her hand to strike another customer in the middle of a Victoria’s Secret Pink outlet. …

Day #4 of my Beginner Scrapbooking Journey to Emotional Wellness

Page 4 of the sketchbook I’m turning into a wellness journey scrapbook (photo by author)

We’ve arrived at day 4 of this journey I’ve chosen to “embark on,” (by which I mean trying my hand at some real scrapbooking for the first time in my life). This project is meant to be about as informal as it gets, and I’m doing my best to continue it with the primary goal of completing it — not necessarily on unearthing some grand achievement each and every time. Or did you guys all think I was up there with minds like Plato and Socrates? My specialty is psychology, not philosophy, but I’m certainly no Carl Jung either. …

Or things that are way harder than they look for Autistic adults

Which person is on the spectrum? Often, there’s no way to tell. Image: Peggy_Marco/Pixabay

Prior to discovering I had Autism, I assumed all kinds of negative things about myself were true. I thought I was just…

  • difficult
  • picky
  • prissy
  • rude
  • cold
  • self-centered
  • intolerant
  • hateful
  • boring

Those are a lot of negative characteristics to have assigned to oneself, and I blame their existence in part on the way I was put down by my narcissistic mother growing up.

Like many, many other autistic girls, we were accused of being standoffish or mean or not caring about other people because we were reluctant to subject ourselves to crowds (even small crowds, as in family dinners or…

Arwyn Clark

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